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How to spend vacations at Dubai

How to spend vacations at Dubai

You know those spots that you can directly go backpacking to without any planning? Well, Dubai is not among those. A hot destination like Dubai needs you to be arranged out ways ahead of time. So here is a list what you can do and how can you save maximum in Dubai while your vacations at Dubai.


The excitement of the trip starts from that split of a second when the tickets are booked. Talking about the booking of accommodation, do not go for the regular hotels and apartments. You can now visit for sites like,, and so on that provides substituted residence. The sites enable you to hit an arrangement with those who are interested in renting out their apartments for some duration. The sites offer the guarantee, and exceptionally expensive Dubai can turn out to be extremely reasonable and tons of fun for you.

Burj Khalifa:

If you are going to Dubai, Burj Khalifa is a place you should pay a visit. However, what should you know is that you must have a booking in advance, or probably you will not find a time slot? Make sure you have selected the sunrise slot as you will find an opportunity to see the city lights during the night and can enjoy the dawn on the horizon.

Desert Safari in Dubai:

One of the essential attraction of Dubai is Desert Safari.  There are numerous tour operators that offer safari. Typically, all Dubai desert safari deals include dune bashing, camel safari, sand boarding, camping with traditional dances, one-time meal and quad biking. However, the primary difference lies in the food they provide and the desert they take you. Make sure you do not book for the safari Sharjah. Booking in advance offers you with the opportunity to negotiate a better trip rather than booking after reaching. If you have a motion sickness, carry medicines and candies; they may prove to be useful. Desert Safari in Dubai is the best venture for excited and daring people. Desert safari deals are more reasonable as compare to other adventure companies.

Adventure Rides:

a.      Ferrari World:

For the thrill seekers, there is a lot on the plate also. First and foremost, of course, is the outstanding Ferrari World on YAS Island in Abu Dhabi, which is about an hour’s drive from Dubai. If you have courage, go for a ride on Formula Rossa which the fastest rollercoaster in the world. There are also many other attractions for all age groups. Tickets for this would not be an issue however ideally go early in the morning and that on a working day to avoid the rush or you will have to stand in a queue.

b.     Atlantis, The Palm:

One of the must –to-do thing in Dubai is to visit beautiful Atlantis Hotel which offers accommodation as well as water rides, private beach access and apparently an interaction with the friendly dolphins at the water park.

 Dubai from Water:

In case you are not much like an adventurer and like to enjoy a relaxing, breezy holiday, you should have a selection from Dhow Cruise that sails in the river and offer a meal on the booking too.

Yellow boat rides are also fun because they provide you with a guided marine voyage through the obvious attractions of Dubai like Burj Al Arab, the Palm Lagoon, Palm Jumeirah hotel and Dubai Marina Bay. This as well has timings so book ahead of time.

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