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How to spend vacations at Dubai

How to spend vacations at Dubai You know those spots that you can directly go backpacking to without any planning? Well, Dubai is not among those. A hot destination like Dubai needs you to be arranged out ways ahead of time. So here is a list what you can do and how can you save maximum in Dubai while your vacations at Dubai. Booking: The excitement of the trip starts from that split of a second when the tickets are booked. Talking about the booking of accommodation, do not go…

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The Bright Adventures with UAE

The Bright Adventures with UAE People think UAE is famous for shopping, which is true but some adventures are also the attraction of UAE. Here, I listed some experiences in UAE: BloKarting BloKarting is fun you can have on three wheels without an engine. It contains a significant wind catching sail fixed to the back of engineless Kart. A blokart is consist of a wind-powered machine that has three wheels, a seat, a handle, sheet rope and a range of sails depending upon wind’s strength. The sail on BloKart catches…

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