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Natural Tourist Attractions in UAE

Natural Tourist Attractions in UAE

The United Arab Emirates has a status for outstanding natural beauty growth and impressive skylines. The seven United Arab Emirates has its particular unique natural areas that are unaffected and unaltered by man.
The United Arab Emirates with its fantastic natural environment, iconic skylines, and world famous beach resorts; it becomes the natural attractions for tourist and family holidays. The various destinations in UAE offer culture fans ample of things to do. While for nature lovers, the desert starts where the cities end and the peaks of the Hajjar Mountains are ready for adventuring.

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai or some time called evening desert safari is the natural tourist attractions of UAE. Most of the people plan a desert trip from Dubai. In desert safari, you can enjoy dune bashing, sand boarding, hiking, camel treks, belly dance, special dinner. You also enjoy sand skating in the desert. You get ski from the highest dunes on a ski board. Dubai Safari is the thrilling and incredible experience. After working up, you can enjoy a delicious BarB.Q. dinner. You can also benefit from the sunset while you are going towards the camp where you have drinks and dinner.
Dubai Safari Deals includes dune bashing experience for about fifteen to twenty minutes, opportunity to enjoy a firsthand experience of sand boarding, quad biking or camel riding and capture sandy dunes moments.


In the United Arab Emirates, there are beaches for everyone. The city beaches along the seaside of Dubai, with their high rise background, and Abu Dhabi’s golden sand beaches to the luxury sweeps of sand around Ajman and the wilder beaches of the Emirate of Fujairah, you have different choices. Many luxury hotels have private areas of sand, which nonguests can use for a day fee. Water sports are also available such as diving, jet skiing, and paddle boarding is available at many resort locations.

Big Red

Big Red located outside of Dubai on Hatta Road is a beautiful open dessert that beautifully compares the city life. You will notice that when you drive away from the city, the color of the dessert becomes red. It is a beautiful and attractive desert away from the hustle of Dubai. Take some food, lots of water with you and enjoy a hot red day out in the desert.

Wadi Al Bih

Wadi al Bih is known as the grand valley of the United Arab Emirates. The top of the wadi gives you some fantastic views of the UAE. Tourists of Wadi al Bih can go for hiking, mountain biking and camping in this area. It also has some fascinating and beautiful sights such as the infamous deserted villages, other smaller wadi areas and some unexpected natural greenery that we do not get to experience while living in the city.

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