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Dubai’s Dinner in the Sky once-in-a-lifetime

Dubai’s Dinner in the Sky once-in-a-lifetime

No doubt the city Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is one of the hottest travel destinations. Dubai has changed itself from desert base to the modern and beautiful destination, which attracts the tourist around the world.
Dubai is famous for sightseeing attractions, shopping mall, and historical places. Whenever you get a chance to visit this destination, you will find some sites to visit and explore. There are some activities to do and some places to pay a visit. You may find yourself in a confusion state that where to start. But Dubai’s Dinner in the sky is the experience that you will never want to lose.

Dubai’s Dinner in the Sky

No doubt, in Dubai there are plenty of options for dinner with a view, but now Dubai offering guests the opportunity to have a dinner 50 meters above the ground, which is delegated at Dubai Marina.
One of the world’s most unique dining creativities in the sky that is a Belgian-based experience, that has created more than 5,000 dinner events in 40 cities around the world. These iconic locations are the Marina of Dubai, Villa Borghese in Rome, Kuala Lumpur Tower, CapeTown and Copacabana Beach.

Town and Copacabana Beach.

A big Dinner table in the clouds 50 meters into the air, which is not for the faint-hearted. Which will be a permanently fixed in the Emirates for at least the three months? Each guest strapped with a harness over each shoulder, and around the waist. There is no glass platform under foot. The crane slowly lifted the visitors into the air within 10 minutes.
In brunch session, guests served with a fruit platter, muffin, croissant, sausage, tea, and coffee, that is created by the Ritz-Carlton JBR. There are almost 22 diners at a time hoisted 50 meters in the air over Dubai Marina, which is the most unique way to enjoy a meal anywhere in the world.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

The traditional Arabian dhow is the heart of ‘New Dubai.’ The Dubai Marina is canal city in the Venetian tradition. Dubai Marina is the district where you can purchase all of the life’s pleasures. Where you can enjoy the shopping, fine cuisine and admire lit towers by night. The Dubai Dhow Cruise brings you to an amazing experience of cooking. Al Wasl is the Dhow that is proudly used to indulge in the beauty of this beautiful night in Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. The dinner in Dubai Marina sets on Dhow and cruise. They offer to pick and drop facility, air conditioned decks, drinks and unlimited refreshments on arrival, international buffet dinner. The traditional live entertainment shows are performed.

Dhow Cruise Dinner

Dhow cruise dinner boat is a modern, square shaped house boat, dhow cruise Dubai deals
Offers the unforgettable evening cruising view along the glittering moonlight Dubai creek. The staff is amicable and helpful. You can get a delightful international buffet cuisine with 5 salads, 7 main courses dishes, a sea food soup and 4 dessert options. It allows the visitors to get a unique view of the city skyline from the water. They represent a live program in which include Tanura dancer, dervish traditional dance shows. The dancer dressed in a very elaborate dress with lights.

It is a great chance to see the heritage village and Rolex twin towers and has dinners and refreshments under the stars in Dubai.

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